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The Styled Shoot Contract Template

The Styled Shoot Contract Template

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As a wedding industry supplier, creating contracts for your clients is a no-brainer! But have you considered having a styled shoot contract template specifically for planned styled shoots as well?

Styled shoots can result in the most beautiful work- however, they can also result in some awkward scenarios. Who owns the work that’s created? Who decides where it can be published? Can everyone use the photos online? Who needs to be credited- the whole team, or just the work shown in the photo?

It might seem a little odd to have a contract in place for what is effectively a free shoot. But, when you’re working with a large number of suppliers, there’s plenty of scope for problems to arise. A styled shoot contract template protects everyone involved, ensures everyone is on the same page and everyone’s responsibilities are clear. And, if you’re planning to have the shoot published, this styled shoot contract template will deal with that, too.

This styled shoot contract template covers all the necessities of planning a styled shoot, from who’s involved to who owns the copyright of the images. Written in simple, easy to understand English, with clear sections for you to fill in your information, it even includes a model release allowing the images to be easily used in a variety of ways. Ideal for wedding photographers, wedding planners, wedding venues, florists, cake makers, venue decorators and all wedding industry suppliers who want to plan their own styled shoots. 

Discover the key to seamless collaborations with our Styled Shoot Contract! Crafted with precision and clarity, our contract covers essential topics including project scope, timeline, deliverables, rights and usage permissions, payment terms, and cancellation policies. From conceptualization to execution, ensure every detail is meticulously outlined for a smooth and professional experience

The template contract is fully customisable and includes:

A section to list all involved parties
A section listing the details of the styled shoot (date, time, location)
Clear language that everyone can understand
A neutral list of goals and guides so that all suppliers benefit
Neutral language surrounding copyright, non-specific to any particular country
Generic model release form 

✓ Watch Me Edit An Example Contract In An In-Depth Tutorial


Ontdek de sleutel tot naadloze samenwerkingen met ons aanpasbare Styled Shoot Contract! Met precisie en duidelijkheid opgesteld, dekt dit contract essentiële onderwerpen zoals projectomvang, tijdschema, leveringen, rechten en gebruiksrechten, betalingsvoorwaarden en annuleringsbeleid. Van concept tot uitvoering, zorg ervoor dat elk detail nauwkeurig wordt uitgewerkt voor een soepele en professionele ervaring. 

Are there design templates included?

No, this is a copy based template so you can take what you learn and plug it into whatever system you use for communicating with your clients. Some photographers include this in their client guides and CRM systems, or I personally create a hidden landing page on my website so I can easily send the link to my clients.

How do I use this product?

You can download the .ZIP file which will include your products and a User Guide to help you get the most out of your new business resource.

Where can I use this contract, and is it legally compliant in my region?

Our Contract Templates are designed to be versatile and comprehensive.

For optimal use in your specific geographic region and to ensure full legal compliance, we highly recommend sending your customized contract to a local attorney or legal expert. They can review and tailor it to meet the specific regulations and requirements of your area, offering you the peace of mind that your contract is in full accordance with local laws and regulations. This extra step ensures that your contract is airtight and tailored to your unique circumstances, providing the utmost protection for both you and your clients.

Return Policy

No, due to the digital nature of my products all sales are final.

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